Precision Router Table Top ITEM - PRS1025

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Precision Router Table Top ITEM - PRS1025

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  • 1" thick (25mm) MDF core with steel reinforcing struts
  • Durable Easy-Slide™ low-friction surface
  • Heavy-duty 3/8" x 91/4" x 113/4" (9mm x 235mm x 298mm) insert plate
  • Level-Loc reducing rings: 1", 13/16", 25/8" (25mm, 30mm, 66mm) and ring wrench
  • (4) Kreg Precision Insert Plate Levelers
  • Anodized Combo Trak miter-gauge/T-slot track




Heavy-duty 1"-thick (25mm) core to support large routers and lifts; steel reinforcing struts

Overall Dimensions

24" x 32" x 11/16" x 91/4" x 113/4"

609mm x 813mm x 27mm x 235mm x 298mm


Table top with Easy-Slide™ laminate surface, steel reinforcing struts, combination miter-gauge/T-slot track, 3/8"-thick (9mm) insert plate, (4) Precision Insert-Plate Levelers, (3) Level-Loc Reducing Rings: 1" (25mm), 113/16" (46mm) for use with universal-style guide bushings, and 25/8" (41mm), ring wrench, brass starting pin, assembly hardware, and owner’s manual.